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Those Darlins are a garage/punk/country band from Tennessee. The three core members who make up Those Darlins are Nikki, Jesse, and Kelley, and last year they released their second full-length album Screws Get Loose via Oh Wow Dang Records. The sounds on Screws Get Loose is quite a departure from the band’s self-titled debut. Where their previous recordings focused more on backwoods folk with a hint of dirty garage crunchiness, the newer material is more rooted in 50’s and 60’s style garage rock ala Shannon and The Clams and Hunx and His Punx. I’m a huge fan of the darlins early output and was a little thrown off by the drastic shift in songwriting, but after a few spins I can honestly say that I’m happy with the direction they’ve chosen. It would have been damn near impossible for Those Darlins to continue on the backwoods roads they traversed back in 2009, and the songwriting styles on Screws Get Loose allows the band a lot more room to grow. I won’t say that I love the new album to the degree I love their debut, but I see them sticking around for a lot longer (which is a really good thing).

Recommended if you like: JEFF The Brotherhood, Frankie Rose, La Sera, or Shannon and The Clams.