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Total Control are a garage rock band from Australia. Consisting of members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and The Growlers, Total Control play a unique blend of garage and post punk that is both modern and nostalgic. The influence of late 70’s bands like Suicide, Roxy Music, and Joy Division is stamped all over the band’s latest album, Henge Beat (available via Iron Lung Records), but they never cross into territory that’s too well worn. Instead Total Control do exactly what their name suggests. They have mastered the subtle art of creating something new from something old, and Henge Beat  is as good a garage record as any that came out in 2011. I heard about this album late last year, but it took me until recently to actually sit down and listen to it. The more I listen to Henge Beat the more I like it, and I suspect that’s because every time I listen I hear a new little riff or keyboard line that takes me back to the golden age of post punk. Get this one.

Recommended if you like: Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Harlem, Thee Oh Sees, Blackout Beach, or Mikal Cronin.